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About Math NYC

MathNYC is a collection of resources for NYC students, parents and teachers. The website is completely independent from the school system. The contents come from me, Mr. Gill (an NYC middle school teacher) and also from the recommendations of other teachers plus my students.

In my experience teaching there are a few core skills that students must have to overcome math problems throughout their school life. Such as dealing with negative numbers (adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying them). Another 'must-learn' are the multiplication tables. One more is writing numbers as decimals and fractions. Along with other mini-lessons, I hope that MathNYC will be a useful place for students to visit after school to brush up on these skills so that their foundation in math is strong going forward.

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I welcome everyone's contribution to the website and realize that your help is the only way to make this a comprehensive resource for NYC's students, parents and teachers. If you'd like to recommend a resource to be listed or would like to contact MathNYC about any another issue, please email us at: